Obligatory ‘About Me’ post


I’m Jimmi, and this my friend, is a war gamers blog!

I’ve started this blog as a way of tracking my various hobby projects. It’ll include things like picture and video logs for things I’m making and painting, also things like house rules and campaign progress reports. Finally, I’m hoping that I might get enough of a readership to be able to share my ideas on a couple of games I’m currently making (rules wise).

About me? I’m 30 at the time of writing. This will probably change as the years roll on. I live in Sheffield with my girlfriend (‘Mole’), my cat (Megatron), and two Guinea Pigs (Newt & Xena-Morph). The naming conventions there should be indicative of my mental age.

I’m into war gaming (obviously), I particularly enjoy being creative over things like house rules and really getting to grips with the inner workings of a game. I also am a big fan of playing games too – for the record I consider myself more of a balance-appreciating narrative gamer than a tournament or WAAC gamer. Over the years the main games I’ve been playing are 40k (not so much now though), Dreadball, Warzone Resurrection, Planetfall, God Slayer and a couple of others.

I also like PC games, though I tend to get bored of them quite quickly. The exception here is Medieval II Total War, which is a game I still whittle away days playing, despite it being nearly a decade old now. I think it’s the cool RPG element of it that I really like. Narrative 🙂

On a non gamey front, I’m also quite interested in politics and society. I blog over at The Broken Cage where I typically lay into the government for everything I can. Bastards.

Professionally, I work for an airline. In marketing. Database marketing.

I also like very dry humour. And sarcasm. Watch out for that, you’ll probably be reading a fair amount of that.

I ride a motorcycle – I own a 2008 Triumph Bonneville T100 which I’ve been riding since about 2012. Here’s a token picture of my bike at Stormin’ The Castle biker festival a few years back.

My Bike

We’ll leave it at that shall we? I imagine that the first bunch of you guys will already know me anyway, and others can play catch up and piece together pictures of me based on my posts 🙂



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