The shell of my first house

Pretty darn hung over today. The pub called last night and oh boy did it get messy.

Anyway, stonking hangover permitting, I had a go at building my first house for my Frostgrave board this afternoon.

I’ve gotten so far as finishing the shell – it has four walls and a roof.

Most of it was built using black foamcore, using the techniques that I picked up from this character:

Now if I’d been in a better frame of mind I’d have drawn up plans and had some idea of what I was trying to build before I started to build it. But that didn’t happen 🙂 I kind of just plodded on blindly making it up as I went along. Consequently It’s pretty basic, but I’m hoping that with some gribbly bits it’ll come to life!

I’ll go into more detail on another post, possibly tomorrow when I’ve done some more and don’t have a swarm of angry bees attacking the inside of my skull. For now, here are some WIP pictures 🙂

This is kind of stage 3, lol, once I’d cut out the walls, I started sticking them together with my new hot glue gun 🙂

I then decided I needed to add triangles to make the shape of the roof. If I’d not been hungover and making it up on the spot I would have considered this when cutting out the walls! Also, I cut out a door, then decided that it looked awful, and covered it back up later.

This last one shows the finished framework. The drawing pins are just holding the roof down whilst the PVA sets.

So that’s where I am, hopefully I’ll have more to show tomorrow.

Let me know how you think I’m doing, or give me some words of sympathy vis a vis my hangover 🙂

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