How to Model a Tiled Roof

My hangover is gone now so I feel much better thank you.

I spent yesterday evening and some of today doing more work to my first house, first and foremost I roofed it using cardboard from an old cereal box. You need to cut this into 3/4″ wide strips the length of your roof.

To turn this into a row of tiles you need to then make some perpendicular slices with your knife (being careful not to slice all the way – I left about 5mm), and optionally you can round of the edges by cutting little triangles from them. See below:

When you attach these to the roof (with PVA) you have to make sure to overlap by quite a good amount. I intentionally made my tiles all different sizes to give the place a more rugged look.

If you’re building this at home, the result should look like this:

Then you need to do the same for the other side, and to top it off, I folded a piece of card over the peak of the roof and held it down with PVA. This is supposed to represent the terracotta bit in the image below:

I could have added a chimney, but I considered this too late to be able to add it in. If you want to add a chimney, I recommend doing it before you tile your roof 🙂

Leave me a comment below the line to let me know what you think!

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