(Nearly) Finishing that first Frostgrave house

Hi all, I’ve been on my holidays so sorry for the week long delay between posts.

I’ve been back a couple of days and I’ve made lots of progress on that first Frostgrave house I was building. This involved rendering (wood filler) the house, chopping it in two so you can see inside, and painting the outside and inside, and applying final details.

So the first step was to render the house.

This was done by taking a metal spatula and spreading slightly watered down ready mixed wood filler across the various wall surfaces. It was particularly difficult to get to the bits near the roof, those bits surrounded by wood paneling, however I managed to achieve this by using my finger to smear the filler around in place of the spatula.

The next stage was to carefully take my scalpel and cut the building in half just below the the line of the main horizontal beam that runs around the circumference of the building, this allows miniatures to enter the building to be seen and moved around by players much more easily than trying to poke at them through the door.

Next a chucked down basic paint coat. The whole thing was sprayed grey, then generic bone coloured paint for the cream bits of render. I like GW Gorthor Brown for wood, so used that on the beams, and a mix of old GW Ultramarine Blue and black for the roof.

I then washed the roof and wood panels with Agrax Earthshade, and the wooden panels additionally with Nuln Oil to give the building more depth. I also dry brushed the roof with some P3 Frostbite paint.

Oh and I also cut some grey 3mm foam to look like stone work and added this to the corners of the house. I used a cocktail stick to add detailing to the foam.

The inside has been decked out with lolly pop sticks for wooden floor, painted and washed (a couple of extra Nuln Oil coats though to make it really dirty), and I’ve left the walls black, partially out of laziness, partially because I think it looks decent!

I also cut out where the windows were and added a single vertical beam to each window which was painted black too.

As far as I’m concerned now, the house could use some furnishings (but I’ll do these separately) and most importantly it needs to be based and could use some snow and ice effects. This will be the next post 🙂

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