Progress to the Frostgrave table surface & work started on a ruined building

Hi Everyone,

This morning I spent time laying some more cobblestone flooring on my Frostgrave table base. I’ve managed to get 2 of the 4 modular tiles fully laid with cobblestones (unfortunately the big one with the market square is still to come).

This is quite time consuming because I have to mould each section of cobblestone road individually, and each section takes about half an hour to do! Take a look below:

One of the things I’m considering with the road is whether or not to edge the road with 6mm dowel, to act as like a kerb. What do you think? The rest of the plan is to get wood filler and smooth a edge going from the side of the roads to the MDF, which will eventually be made to look like a snow bank type thing.

In addition to working on the cobblestone roads, I also started working on a second house. I decided that I’d have a go at making this one look ruined, but I can’t decide if I like it or not. There’s a part of me that thinks maybe I’ll keep the city fairly intact. What do you think I should do?

Anyway, that house looks like this:

And here’s a wide angle shot 🙂

That’s it for today. Again, if you can help me out with some suggestions then I’d really appreciate a comment below the line.



7 thoughts on “Progress to the Frostgrave table surface & work started on a ruined building

  1. The dowelling would certainly accentuate the pathways. I think cobbles in this sort of city (fairly affluent before the ice) would have been curbed in to prevent ‘spread’, unlike a country road where the money to stop cartwheels/animal hooves/peasant trudging etc causing road erosion wouldn’t be available. It’ll mean more work for you though.

    Great work on the cobblestone pathways btw. They may be labour intensive but they’ll look the business already and will be fantastic when you paint them!

    I really like the ruined house. The downside to using complete buildings for a game like Frostgrave is you’d have to make them all accessible for miniatures, i.e. removable roofs and floors for multi levels. Again, more work but of course it’s your game and you’ll know what works well with your players.

    My take on Frostgrave is a totally ruined place, nothing survived intact except for the high quality buildings and a few random lower level hovels in the permafrost.
    This means I’m planning to make most of my buildings as ruins. This will break up line of sight at ground level yet offer a bit of ‘house to house fighting’ where some of these ruins are still pretty much complete.

    I like the idea of making some smaller boards (say 2′ x 2′) that represent the inside of larger un-ruined buildings (Palaces/Libraries/Temples etc) but time/storage/real life will kibosh that I’m sure!

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  2. I agree with the pathways, I’m convinced thanks 🙂 at only 50p a dowel rod they’re pretty cheap and very fast to lay.

    The ruined house will probably be a major arse ache to paint lol, perhaps I’m just being lazy! I don’t have an issue with making non damaged houses accessable though – I managed this with my first house after all, although I suppose this would get more difficult with multi floored buildings..

    Thanks for the comment 🙂


  3. Looking like a great start. Love the cobbles. Will have to try that out myself. Big yes to the curb stones. Will finish the look off well.

    Ruins add playability but are a pain to paint. I tend to go for whole buildings with a removable roof if I get a choice. Then they can be used on more table setups than the ruins can.

    Waiting for the next update. As I own most of the osprey wargames books I will have to check out frostgrave…


    • Thanks for the comment dude. I’ve not played a game yet but I’ve studiously read the rules several times and reviews from people that have played all seem very promising!

      Plus, what a fantastic excuse to paint up some fantasy stuff!

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  4. I dont really have too much of an issue painting the ruins. I just Black bomb then spray auto primer grey pick out details like really exposed wood and dry brush a lighter grey! I do my insides of building 2.5 D style so that makes it easier. BUT I then have to make sure I have the extra space to put down those tiles. Some nights my studio is filled with tables of stuff!

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