Frostgrave table update – kerbing the cobblestones

Hi everyone,

Sorry the volume of posts has dropped a bit – my month long holiday from work ended and I had to return to the office. Sad times I know!

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy in the evenings though, taking the advice of Somet and Steinbergshedspace I decided to kerb the cobblestone streets with 6mm square dowel I picked up from BnQ.

It was a simple case of measuring the street lengths with a metal ruler then marking this on the dowel. I use a sawing block to ensure I got 90 degree cuts (ish!) and the glued the sawn dowel down with PVA. It doesn’t take too long to dry, but that didn’t stop me from nudging one section about 4 times to my frustration!

I’ve also started laying out the 12mm square dowel for the edge of my sewer. I still need to build a bridge over that, I think I’ve got that figured out, just need to put it on paper before I go to my shed and start sawing 🙂

In other news I’m about half way through paving the tile that has the big town square on it. Hopefully I’ll finish that one today and have more to show you tomorrow, after that I have the forth tile to do, but there’s not much street on that one so shouldn’t take too long.

So enough blabbing, this is what the boards look like so far:

What do you think?

Thanks for reading


3 thoughts on “Frostgrave table update – kerbing the cobblestones

  1. I have to admire your dedication. Not only do you use a saw and a mitre box but you also have a shed – the height of sophistication. In comparison I’d just be junior hacksawing the dowel between my fingers at the kitchen table…
    Everything looks great, this is shaping up into some splendid gaming boards. I can’t wait to see more!

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