Frostgrave Table – Thinking ahead

Howdy all,

So I’ve been blazing away making progress on my table, all four tiles have cobblestone streets fully laid, and I have 4 buildings in total so far.

That’s got me thinking ahead to two things.

Firstly Furnishings for the houses. I’ve stumbled upon this gem of a website, not only selling MDF buildings, but also the furniture to put in them. Most of it is of contemporary design but there are more than a couple of suitable examples!

Check these out:

A Gothic fireplace

A funky Tudor stool

Tudor table

And there’s tonnes more. I think I’ll also find a use for this £3 set of gravestones:

All the above are 1:48, which should be well suited to 28mm scale (Am I the only one who finds the different standards for measuring scale models frustrating?) So I’ll certainly be dropping at least £20 or so in these guy’s pockets to buy some stuff. I’ll let you know how that goes as and when it happens!

Which brings me on to the second item I’m thinking about. I need your help with this one. You know how I’ve got the cobblestone streets? I’m wondering if it will look OK for a posh city like Felstad (Frostgrave) to build it’s houses on the bare earth (which will have large patches of snow), or whether you think I need to put some sort of paving tiles down around the cobblestone roads covering the MDF?

I’m completely torn. If I laid paving slabs, should I cover all the bare MDF, or leave patches to look like Earth?

Argghhh decisions!

Help me out with a comment below the line.



9 thoughts on “Frostgrave Table – Thinking ahead

  1. That website is quite a find, there’s some really great items on it. The church set with the book shelves and pews looks fantastic.
    You’re spot on about scales being a problem! As 28mm figures aren’t really to any scale as such, just a height of the figures (and even that alters between manufacturers!) it can be problematic mixing scaled scenery with them. Fantasy figures tend to be chunkier than say WW2 infantry so the problem is exacerbated even further. I’m interested to see how the bits you’ll order will look. It might be worth putting a small order in first just to check that their products looks ‘right’ next to some miniatures.

    I personally think some form of paving would look amazing but if you’re placing based houses and scenery items over the top of it how much will actually be seen?
    What colour do you plan to paint the cobblestones? If it’s a grey stone colour would it be better to go for a flat ‘concrete effect’ colour in these gaps rather than bare earth? It sounds a bit of a cheat given the detail you’ve created so far with your boards but if you plan to have lots of based houses only small amounts of this base would show in the gaps. Rather than paving large amounts of the board you could pave the bases of your houses which would help with the paving effect.

    If some of the gaps around the sides of the buildings will be slightly larger (i.e. detached houses rather than say a row of terraced buildings) then you could pave these areas and leave gaps where the housing bases will go.

    If you decide on paving how do you plan to tackle it?


  2. Well if you wanna go full on crazy make all the surviving ruins built up on stone foundations make stairways. I mean if the city was rich in its heyday then yes that would be one way to go. I however am a lazy sod and will continue to use mother earth as the ground cover!


  3. I got some of these bits a year or so ago. Well worth the money. It’s actually thick card stock really for most bits, but very sturdy. I got the lean to greenhouse set and garden bench. Their archway is great too (that one is partly MDF).


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