Frostgrave – More buildings and ruins!

Hi all,

Those of you that have been following my Frostgrave progress will know that so far I’ve got one building 90% finished and another building’s framework built up.

Well I’ve been busy 🙂 I’ve since laid down a grey base coat on that building framework, and I’ve got two additional buildings built and grey base coated.

One of those buildings has an almost identical blueprint to my first house, except that I’ve decided to clad it entirely in lollipop sticks to make it look like a wooden building, and I’ve stuck a great big gaping hole in the roof where years of ice and heavy snow had finally collapsed that part of the structure. This serves the additional purpose of allowing players hands access to this building without having to dismantle anything.

The other building is a guard tower. It’s only two stories high, and I do plan on making a taller one, but it was a handy use of left over foamcore. As with the wooden house, I’ve made this accessible by blasting a big hole in the wall opposite the door. Probably caused by a loose fireball thrown by an over zealous elementalist.

Here’s an image of all the buildings so far:

Frostgrave Buildings and ruins

I’ve also finished laying the kerb to the cobblestone roads, and three out of four tiles road networks have been base coated grey.

Frostgrave board with buildings and ruins

The eagle eyed among you should also notice that I added a balcony to that wooden house, I can imagine archers and wizards using it to get a commanding line of sight across the city!

That’ll do for this one.

I’m Jimmi, you’re great. Thanks for reading!

Drop me a comment and let me know how you think I’m getting along below the line, and if you’ve enjoyed this – why not like my new facebook page by clicking the button below?

Jimmi Waz ‘Ere

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