Frostgrave – The Great Library

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If you’ve not been following me so far, I’m building a Frostgrave table and tracking my progress on my blog.

One of my followers on facebook has suggested that I build a library based on the “Great Library of Alexandria”. I suppose I asked for it!

Unfortunately it got burned down so don’t expect any photographic resources. Instead, we have video game renders! Yeah!

The Grat Library

This is obviously going to be a massive challenge, but I expect it’ll be a rewarding one with a good practical in game use to boot. Many of you will know that there is a library mission, and I think that once inside the actual building I’ll put a stairway heading down. Then, separately, I can do a different board for the subterranean library as described in the rules.

So, how am I going to do this? I’ll draw up a few sketches – I’m not going for a 1:1 replica here, the style wouldn’t fit for one, but I’m hoping to capture the gist. Then I’ll turn those into working drawings, and finally, with a little help from Hirst Arts molds I’ll be able to build the thing.

Don’t expect this one to be a quick project!

The Frickin' Library dude

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5 thoughts on “Frostgrave – The Great Library

  1. Needs to be a full tile of building with full interior. I help with some painting of bookcases. Will be lots of fun to have one warband climb in through the roof while one is still on the ground floor.


  2. This is another reason I love this game! Frostgrave is one millisecond away from verging into a good old fashioned dungeon crawl!


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