Frostgrave Homebrew Series – Black Powder Weapons

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My friend Chris “Small Coffee” Blackburn and I have been developing a number of home brew rules expansions for Frostgrave. I asked him if he minded me posting our progress up on my blog, and he gave me the green light – so here we go.

First up we’ll be looking at rules for black powder (that’s just a fantasy way of saying gun powder) weapons and how to bring them to the game…



“Black powder weapons are increasingly being used by treasure hunters and wizard’s henchmen alike as the dangers of the ruins become apparent. Whilst not perfectly suited to the cold and wet of Frostgrave, users tend to put up with these minor inconveniences for the sheer stopping power these weapons provide.”

Like crossbows before them, all black powder weapons need to be loaded before firing. A model may choose to take a reload action in place of any other action to load their black powder Weapon. All black powder weapons are assumed to be loaded at the start of a battle.

All black powder weapons punch through armour like paper and so they reduce the armour of a target model to 8 when calculating damage done by a Black powder weapon.

Weapons Stats
Pistol – Black Powder, Max Range 10”, Counts as a Hand Weapon in Combat
Musket – Black Powder, Max Range 16”
Blunderbuss – Black Powder, Dmg +2, Max Range 12”, on a natural shooting roll of 1 the Blunderbuss explodes and the model is removed from play.


Black Powder Weapons

A wizard or apprentice may take a Pistol instead of their Staff for no additional cost and may choose to take a Pistol, Musket or Blunderbuss as a second weapon for 5 gold.

We do also have rules for weather, which, as it gets more severe brings a natural conclusion to the game (normally this happens between turns 5-7). Included in these weather rules is rain.

I mention this because we’ve also got a black powder rule that states that black powder weapons will not fire in the rain. This helps to ensure that they are not too overpowered, and means that wizards should recruit gunners with caution! But… that’s enough of that – you’ll have to wait until later in the week for the full weather rules – can’t go giving you too much in one blast now can we?!

Anyway, thanks for reading. I’m especially looking forward to reading your comments below the line on this one as I know how divisive home brewing can be (you should see the squabbles me and Chris get into).

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6 thoughts on “Frostgrave Homebrew Series – Black Powder Weapons

  1. Wonderful take on black powder weaponry! I like the weather idea. Of course my group is pretty vanilla.LOL They dislikes even the official optional rules. I was thinking these rules would be awesome for like a monster hunting group similar to some Gothic Horror games.


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