Frostgrave Homebrew Series – Weather

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed the black powder weapons rules I posted the other day. I’ve sure enjoyed reading your comments and feedback here and on Facebook.

So I’ve teased you enough, “Small Coffee” Blackburn and I think it’s time you had access to our Frostgrave weather rules. These rules are available to all members of the Order of the Sword and Dice so make sure you check that out if you’ve not already 🙂

Bloody Cold

These rules cover ending the game, as well as introducing new effects to games nearing their conclusion. In addition, I’ll highlight an optional change to the spell “Call Storm” 🙂

The Weather Rules

At the end of turn 4 and every turn after that, roll a D20 and compare this result to the Weather table detailed below and apply the effects. The effects are cumulative.

All creatures, undead and daemons ignore the effects of weather as they are well accustomed to the harsh Frostgrave environment. This includes those in a wizards warband.

Each result has a weather effect that impacts models on the table, additionally a weather modifier (last column) reduces the result for any further rolls on this table. I.e. If at the end of turn 4 you roll a 13 when you roll next on the table you would reduce the roll by 6

So if your next turns roll was a natural 17, you’d reduce it by 6 to get an 11 triggering a snowstorm, and your next roll would be at a minus 8 modifier.

Frostgrave Weather Table

Call Storm Rules – optional

Replace the call storm text with the following:

Elementalism – Call storm – 12
If successfully cast you immediately compare your casting roll plus any current weather modifiers to the weather table and apply the results. If it’s prior to turn 4, you start rolling at the end of each turn from that point onwards.

That’s it, do let us know what you think – these rules are still very much in beta for us, so we’d be open to suggestions for improvements. As ever, leave your comments below the line, and don’t forget to ‘like’ me on facebook using the link below 🙂

The Order of the Sword and Dice

Jimmi Waz ‘Ere



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