Dungeons of Orkney – Design Brief

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had this on the back burner for a while, to make my own dungeon crawler game. Although I’ve mainly been distracted by Frostgrave these last few months, I have been making progress here and there.

This series of posts will focus on the design of the game, it’s features,  and some key rules. I’d absolutely welcome your feedback and ideas as we go along, but please don’t be offended if I don’t take your advice in all cases – the game is my own after all 🙂

So, for this first post, let me give you the elevator pitch:

“Inspired by games such as Final Fantasy VII, World of Warcraft, Frostgrave, and Dreadball, Dungeons of Orkney is a game for 2-4 players, whereby a small band of Ork heroes take on the might and minions of the evil dungeon overlord.

The game follows a narrative campaign format, with a rich fluff and backstory providing strong character to the heroes and villains. As the campaign progresses, heroes will follow a non linear progression system and be able to buy and sell the treasure, items, and equipment they find in the dungeon.

Following the ‘holy trinity’ of dungeon companions (tank, dps, and healer) the heroes must use real team work to beat the dungeon, using their individual strengths to make up for one another’s weaknesses.

Tactically deep, but with a simple and consistent ruleset will give players a game that doesn’t require hours to learn but affords them plenty of options. No game need ever be the same.”

Hopefully that tickles your taste buds, I have no intention to offer DoO for sale (atm) but will likely link to the rules pdf once it’s ready, for people to use for free, or after a donation.

Dungeon Crawler

Next time I’ll cover the characters

Comments below the line peeps,


Jimmi Waz ‘Ere

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