Dungeons of Orkney – how a game turn looks

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while! Sorry, what with my brthday and having to play nice with everyone I’ve not really had enough hobby time. Not that I’m complaining or anything as I have had a great time, and got lots of cool prezzies 🙂

Anyway, for today’s titbit on my Dungeons of Orkney progress I want to take you through the process of how a game turn works.

Basically the system follows an ‘I go you go’ system whereby the heroes go first by activating a model who gets two actions, then play passes to the dungeon overlord who gets to do the same for one of his minions. This continues until the hero player has activated all his models, then the dungeon overlord may activate his remaining minions.

Typically, heroes are going to have to juggle their playing order to the situation, for instance, do you send in the mage first for some “area of Effect” heavy damage to try and clear the room, or do you send your barbarian in to try and block off the path to your more vulnerable team mates?

The actions you can take include old favourites like move, fight, cast magic, and shoot, but the interactivity of the dungeon, and broader tactical play also allow actions to represent special moves and abilities, as well as the option to open chests/doors, search tables and bookshelves, and use items. Each hero and minion has a range of special moves, in the heroes case some of which will need to be unlocked through leveling up.

After every model and minion has been activated, the dungeon overlord enters what I’m currently (uninspiringly) calling ‘the dungeon phase’. This is the point where the dungeon overlord can attempt to raise skeletons, cast spells, trigger traps, or ‘advance the horror’.

Advancing the horror involves moving a counter along a track, when it gets to the end, The Horror (big gribbly monster) bursts into the scene, smashing his way through the rooms entrance. As hero players, you’d be advised to avoid this situation, but more on The Horror later…

The Rotten Butch by Kromlech

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