I have got so much to paint right now!

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I’ve got too much on my plate I struggle to find motivation to begin! I’ve got absolutely loads of models that I need to get on with painting at the moment…

This post is more of an opportunity for me to vent, rather than present you with something constructive. I’m human too hahaha

So here goes, I’ve must have got about:

So yeah, tonnes! I’m just glad I have that tin of Quickshade Dip kicking around, I’ll be buggered if all of this lot will getting more than a base and dipping!


So, from one hobbyist to another, help me out, what’re your tips for beating the mental wall I’m facing? Do you guys get the same issues I’m having? Could my whining about having too many toys to paint be construed as #firstworldproblems? 🙂

Drop me comments below the line, or on my Facebook  🙂

4 thoughts on “I have got so much to paint right now!

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  2. Know that overwhelming feeling well. I have two tips.
    1. Put it all away. Out of sight means you don’t go all deflated every time you sit down to paint. I have a small set of drawers. Paints in 2 drawers and protects in the queue in all the others.
    2. Paint in 5s. Got that advice from a friend. Coronasan got through most of his huge projects this way and his advice holds true for me.


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