My Introduction to Firestorm Planetfall

Hi All,

It’s finally happened. I’ve been bullied and cajoled into taking up Spartan Games’ Firestorm Planetfall. This isn’t technically my first array in to this system, Chris “Small Coffee” Blackburn lent me a core helix of Directorate (which I then duly painted up for him) in the hopes that it would spark off a new love, and unfortunately it didn’t work at the time.

My main criticism was the models, they were nice and all, but I struggled to find character in them. Plus the bases that they’re stuck on royally badger me, not least because the infantry bases don’t match with the tank bases – Why Spartan, WHY?!

So what changed my mind? In a word, this:


“Metal Gear? It can’t be…”

Frickin’ Metal Gear! There’s something about giant bipedal robots that simply oozes character, not to mention the coolness factor. So there – turns out that I just needed to find the right faction! So in true style (and only a week after complaining on this very blog about having too much to paint!), I forked out for the Spartan Games Black Friday deal – bagging myself 2 Core’s, a Leviathan, and a Recon helix, amounting to a cool 4.8k points.

At some point in the future I’m also going to have to get one of these


More Mechs!

No prizes why.

Anyway, this leaves me with the final problem of the bases. Well, I’ve developed a cunning plan…

I’m hoping that for Xmas that I’m going to get a hobby belt sander, I’ll then cut most of the bases off the models, and sand the remainder down. Fortunately with the Dindrenzi, most of the tanks come separate to the bases, so the only real work to be done is with the drop pods and infantry.


Just like in woodshop…

I’ll instead be basing my army on clear acrylic bases, custom sized (to match the originals) from someplace like Fenris Games. Then they will match the table no matter the terrain, and all the bases will be uniform.


So, do you play Planetfall? What do you think to my cunning plan?

Drop me a not below the line, or on my Facebook page (which you should really go and like if you’ve not done already!)



3 thoughts on “My Introduction to Firestorm Planetfall

  1. Had the exact same problem. I like the aquan tanks but hate the leviathan, I have a sorilyan fleet but don’t like the walker aesthetic, aircraft or leviathan, my mate plays Terran so didn’t want to go there and the relthoza don’t interest me in the slightest which left dindeenzi, the tanks are great and have the second best looking leviathan, loving the game although I’ve only played twice, enjoy I’ve found the comunity great

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