Firestorm Planetfall – Dindrenzi Paint Job

Hi Everyone, it’s me, and I’m back again!

My mate Chris got me into Firestorm Planetfall, and being a serial converter, I just couldn’t have a bog standard army – I decided that I’d have to re-base all my models on clear acrylic.

Additionally I had to have a pretty cool paint scheme, after a lot of thought and running it by my friends, I came up with a off white and dirty yellow scheme, with blue lasers. I took heavy inspiration from the Mass Effect spaceship Normandy


If you’ve been following me on Facebook  you’ll have seen some of my progress so far, but for those that haven’t, I thought I’d put up a paint log here for you 🙂


Dindrenzi Light Infantry


Clear Acrylic Bases on Dindrenzi Infantry


Dindrenzi Leto

So. What do you think? Am I on the right track? Drop me your opinions below the line, and thanks for reading 🙂



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