Wot I Think – Deep Cut Studio Gaming Mats

Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to start a review series called “Wot I Think”. I was inspired to do this given my recent ordeal in buying some gaming mats from Deep Cut Studio, hopefully I’ll be able to pass on some sage advice to you guys so you can make the most of my experiences going forwards!

I placed an order on 31/01/16 to Deep Cut Studio for three 6′ by 4′ rubber backed mats; City Ruins, Red Planet, and Stars. On the website these look like very nice mats, very crisp, deep blacks and vibrant colours.


Their website took my money without fuss, and 5 days later I recieved an automatic email telling me that my order had been manufactured and that it was ready for shipment. On the same day I also got an email from UPS saying that they had collected the parcel and it would be delivered on 11/02/16.

11th February came and went, and on 18/02/16 (getting impatient) I asked them what was going on. No reply, so two days later I asked again.

23/02/16 I finally get an email back apologising for the delay – They had all gone out of the office on holiday and all orders had been postponed. Seriously guys, how hard is it to set up an out of office automatic response to let your customers know that you’re away for a couple of weeks? And what’s with the BS email telling me my order was complete when you hadn’t even started it?

02/03/16, just over a month since I placed my order, my mats finally arrive. Can you imagine my disappointment? The print quality was terrible, and nowhere near up to the standard advertised on the website. My mats were all tinged with blue/green, or in the case of Mars, totally washed out and faded. I took some photographs in good light and sent it to Deep Cut asking for replacements.

You can play spot the difference below, my mats were on the left, the website images on the right.


Space, Feelin’ Blue?


Ruined City, now with added moss?


Mars, must have been through the wash a few times…

I then had to wait two weeks before they finally arranged UPS to pick up my parcel, and even then, they only gave me one days notice midweek so of course I was at work and missed the pick up – in the end I had to take a day off and go deliver the parcel to the UPS dispatch office myself.

After a few more days of absolute silence I chased Deep Cut again, they replied – coincidentally only just having received the mats:


“I personally inspected each mat”  “Our products are different than your standards and expectations”

According to Deep Cut Studio my standards are just too high! I think you can judge for yourself using the images above. I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to criticise your customers expectations when your product so clearly doesn’t match your own description.

For transparencies sake, I’ve included a full timeline of events below – nearly a full 3 months just to waste my time and insult me by implying that it’s me that’s at fault.


So without further ado, here’s Wot I Think:

Transaction – 1/5

The whole process took far too long, and the miss-communication coupled with the long periods of total silence went well beyond what can be reasonably tolerated.

Quality – 2/5

Whilst the printing was undoubtedly terrible, the mats themselves felt sturdy and of a high quality. Just a shame that the most important part, the printing, was so far below par.

Customer Service – 2/5

I can’t say I’m fond of being made to feel like I’m being unreasonable. Also, not replying to your customers or losing their emails is pretty unacceptable. Their one redeeming feature is that I did get that refund back pretty damn quickly.


I may have just had bad luck. Repeatedly. But since I can only review these guys based on my own experiences, I’d have to say you should avoid Deep Cut Studios like the plague, which is a real shame for a product which shows so much promise.

Have you ordered form Deep Cut Studio? Are you planning on? Tell me what you think below the line.




9 thoughts on “Wot I Think – Deep Cut Studio Gaming Mats

    • Perhaps I just had the misfortune to catch them at an omnishambles moment? Everything from quality to customer service was deeply flawed in my experience.

      Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂


  1. I have two of their mats and another three on the way, ive had an arguably worse order process than yours but the end product is excellent i couldnt be happier with my sea and space mats, yours however do not look as spectacular as mine.

    I used the sea mat at triples a couple of weeks ago, i had a fair few questions from people wanting one like it.

    Communication could be better but they are in Lithuania and english is absolutely not their first languge which is an unfortunate handicap in a predominantly english speaking market.

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  4. I ordered 2 mouse pad mats and one cloth mat from them last year around the summer of 2016. The order process was smooth and the mats arrived in a timely fashion. However one of the mats was not what I ordered. I wrote them, they immediately responded with a request for pictures. Once they verified they had indeed sent me the wrong mat they immediately sent me the correct mat and allowed me to keep the mat they sent by mistake! I was very impressed. The mats are of excellent quality. Now my wife’s experience was a little different. She ordered a PVC mat. The print is excellent but they are glossy and reflect a lot of light witch might be fine for x wing where you slide the miniatures or D&D where you need to use marker to outline a dungeon room, but for 40K they are terrible. The mat reflects so much light it washes out the design. I wrote them about a possible exchange and they never wrote me back. It’s been over two weeks. There is no information about returns on their website. Basically if you don’t like your order you might be stuck with it. Fortunately it has worked out for Jimmi wuz ‘ere.


  5. Ordered a double sided mat from them. Mat on website was one color, mat I received was a completely different color, while the other side was considerably darker. Deepcut thought it was okay and only a slight difference, mind you on the website the mat was a desert/cream color and I had received a red one. Needless to say they weren’t very keen on giving me a refund or offering a replacement so I had to file a claim with paypal…

    Very stressful and would not recommend to anybody.


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