Portable Bloodbowl Stadium – Build Log 1

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently got into Bloodbowl, and I’m in the middle of painting up my own bespoke savage orc team – The Green Fist Smackers. Like any self respecting team, they need their own stadium to call home.

The problem is, I live in a small house and storage is at a premium. The Mrs has some Nazi-esk policy about 1 game in 1 game out 😦 So I need to minimise the space this stadium takes up.

I’ve done some research to find how others get around this problem, and my favourite solution is a design that allows you to fold up the stadium into a briefcase when you’re done. It also serves as a handy dandy way to transport and protect you stadium. Such as the one below on Pinterest


Consequently, I’ve drawn up a rough plan on Excel.. that famous design tool..


The above is only my very rough design at this point. Most of it is in my head to be fair 🙂

This brings us to our first real update, and problem. I bought a roll of Jarvis static hairy grass mat, and after a quick test to make sure it matches my basing scheme I laid my cardboard pitch (out of the box) on top and cut out the matching shape.


The problem is trying to find the most efficient way to do all those pitch markings that I need..


I know I could just paint it by hand, but that would be tedious, and very difficult to do with a broken wrist 😦

I’ve got so far as to use a tile spacer to stamp little crosses to denote the squares, but its the long lines I’m still considering…


Anyone got any ideas? A mini roller?

Answers below the line!



12 thoughts on “Portable Bloodbowl Stadium – Build Log 1

  1. I would say make a template from plastic and. Get a sheet, cut out a stripe in the with you like your line to be and spray it on with a spray can


  2. Hey! If you find me on facebook (Nikolaj Gregersen) I will send you pictures of my transportable stadium. It took forever to design and build and it has been worth every second.


  3. Looking awesome.

    Sounds to me like the problem is the missus. One game in and one out, FFS. She wouldn’t like our house, it looks like a stock room at ‘games are us’.

    Anyway back to the lines…. sheet of A4, cut slots to make a stensil, either lightly spray with air brush or brush over with paint. It’ll take a bit of placing and replacing to complete but should do the trick.


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