Portable Bloodbowl Stadium – Build Log 2

Howdy folks!

If you’ve not seen the previous post in this series, I’d urge you to start there 🙂

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks playing with the pitch surface, finding ways to paint on the lines.

In the end I settled for a Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Marker which I picked up for a couple of quid from the local stationary chain store. I found that you have to really give it a good shake, and then pump the marker many times before use to ensure the felt tip gets loaded with fluid before you try to run it along your grass. Even then, in some cases it took two or three runs to get a nice white line.


You can see where I made a couple of mistakes with my marks in the touch down zone, I decided that since I was going to spray a colour over the touchdown zone that I didn’t mind much, as long as it disguised the error OK.

For the end zone colours, I’ve done a couple of tests using The Army Painter’s Coloured Primers, and using Frog Tape to mask. I had two concerns, firstly, that the paint wouldn’t leave a sharp line along the tape, and secondly that the tape would rip off the grass when I removed it!


Happily we’re left with a nice crisp line, and no grass was ripped up 🙂 You can still see the white lines under the red a little though, although I think that the errors I made were so subtle that the problem won’t be so obvious. Hopefully!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Sorry there’s not much done but I’m still riding the tail end of a broken wrist, and I had my Green Fist Smackaz team to finish too!

Next time I hope to lay down the square markings, I’ve got some tile separators to try out a stamping method… next time…

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