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So Jimmi has very kindly invited me to do a few posts on things related to this amazing hobby. First an introduction of sorts, my name is John, but I tend to go by the name Randalthor on most hobby sites after falling in love with the world Robert Jordan created in his Wheel of Time series.

I first got into war gaming back in the late 80s after one day wandering into the Games Workshop Edinburgh store. I was enveloped in the worlds they created and spent many happy hours slapping paint onto plastic skeletons and reading through the various warhammer fantasy role play supplements.

Anyway the wheel of time moves on, many years went by and I lost touch with the hobby. Until while at University my then girlfriend (now long suffering wife) heard about my old love of painting little men, braved entering a GW store and one day before some big exams provided me with a box of space marines and the rest was history!

Currently my shrine to the hobby sits in a dark corner of our house sandwiched between pushchairs and random scraps of paper that I’m sure are important for something. As part of this rambling introduction I thought a brief tour of this sacred place might be in order to provide a view of what I’m working on now and what is yet to come. Despite being blessed with a tactically astute mind ( everyone lies online right?) i find painting to be one of the most engaging parts of the hobby. I often find myself daydreaming of new kits I want to paint or new colour schemes to try. Although it looks like a mess there is some order to this madness and currently I have a couple of projects I’m focussing on.

Age of Sigmar

There has been a lot of angst thrown at this game and having been quite heavily invested in WHFB at one stage I was dubious of the change, but from day one I have loved the new setting, the new models and for me rules that can fit on a few pages are a sign of a well written and concise system. Here are a few of my Chaos worshippers, big plans for these guys so watch this space.


My admech force started off as a kill team for a tournament at warhammer world but has since grown with the new relaese of shadow wars. With 8th Ed on the horizon im hoping this will become a force I can start gaming with. Expect to see some more of these guys and why I love them so much as well as some general 40K terrain projects.

Palette Cleanser

Does any one else do this? I find that I like I to have small projects to break the monotony of bigger projects. I can use them to practice new techniques and new colours and leaves me refereshed for when I return to the original work. This has included beyond the gates of Antares (Great oldhammer style sci-fi models and a game that is growing in strength judging by the community), frost grave, Wild West exodus (just fantastic models but unfortunately not supported locally) and finally planetfall.

So there we have it a few projects on the go and lots more to discuss in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading this, let me know what you think below the line and stay tuned for future projects and work.


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