Quick Tip – Paint Stick

Howdy Folks,

Today’s Quick Tip is paint sticks, what are they, and why you need one!

Simply put, when you’re spray priming your minis, you fasten a unit of them to a long stick and hold on to one end of this with your off hand and spray them from your can with the other hand.

My paint stick is about 3′ of 10mm Square Dowel rod, which you can buy from your local hardware store for pence. I stick the models to it with Blue Tac, which you can also get very cheaply.

Paint Stick

Perfect Paint Stick Candidate

This has the following benefits:

  1. It’s easy to hold
  2. Allows you to efficiently spray more than one mini at once
  3. Allows you to maneuver the stick around to effortlessly get different spraying angles on your mini
  4. Helps prevent you covering your fingers in paint from holding each one manually

Let me know if you use one!


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