How to Make Wires & Spider Cultist!

So I had planned to have a look at painting terrain from the shadow wars box set. However I became distracted after seeing other people convert this characterful piece. My idea was to raid my bits box and convert it into a wandering monster (Spider Cultist – Ed.) for some more narrative scenarios. So this creature was born…

Spider Cultist

Spider Cultist


I think at one stage he was a servitor used as part of a lifting machine for the various furnaces of the hive industrial quarter. However over time, as wars came and went this part of the hive fell to ruin and was eventually swallowed up by the underhive. Servitor 540202 was lost to the darkness and there, was found by one of the various gangs who scrape a living from pit fighters. Converting him to this new role was easy and he went on to excel in the pit slaughtering all who dared to stand before him, in fact some who watched him swore that this cold machine had begun to savour and revel in the killing…maybe that is why he ultimately  fell to chaos, managed to escape his captors and why he is now found preying on careless fools that stray into his lair…maybe that’s a story for another time.

The body came from a forge world cultists upgrade sprue. I used Milliput to smooth the area he was attached to the skull. Finally i added small cable sections cut from various power weapons to help with the appearance of him being wired into the machine. I wanted some thicker cables too but had to sculpt this.

Profile shot

Profile shot

I thought show you a quick and easy way to make some pipes for adding details to your minis. Start with whatever coloured “stuff” you like. I’ve been using white Milliput recently. Mix it thoroughly and roll it out to a thickness your happy with.

Milliput White

Milliput White

Then cut a section of this tube and spread it firmly onto the grooved bottle top of a container

Try to have the lead edge (the edge you will begin rolling from slightly thicker or lipped. While the trailed edge should be smoothed out.

Then carefully roll the Milliput up back into it’s roll and hey presto, quick,easy and cheap tubing!

Once again thanks for looking and next I’ll hopefully have in painted up with some experimental rules that you guys can try out.


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