Anyone going to Chillcon ’17?

Hi Guys,

There’s a new convention in town. My town. Literally.

ChillCon 2017

ChillCon 2017

Chillcon is a brand new player to the convention game and they look to be steely eyed at making a success of it. I’m certainly going to head down on Saturday to have a good poke around, check out the traders and gather information to bestow one of my prestigious “Wot I Think” posts upon it.

The list of trader son offer looks impressive, I’m particularly interested in Fox Box to find some bits to supplement my 40k Ork army, and Lasercut Architect with their offer on some nifty looking Shadow War Armageddon terrain:

The full list of traders is very impressive, with some big names present. They can be found at this link

There’s also a couple of tournaments on the go for Kings of War, and Bolt Action that you need to buy tickets for if the tourney scene floats your boat! Not to mention what looks like a large host of demo games available during the day ranging from Aliens Vs Predator to Guild Ball and many many more.

Anyway, let me know if you’re planning on going and give me a shout out if you see me there!



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