Wot I Think – CHILLCON ’17

Howdy all,

I’ve just returned from ChillCon ’17, check out my loot!

ChillCon '17 Loot

ChillCon ’17 Loot – Freebies include the SLA mini, Walking Dead mini, and ChillCon Viking mini

This is gonna be a bit of a Wot I think, but not in the traditional sense, more a place for me to talk about my experience and share my photos.

A Bit of History

I managed to get in touch with Steve from Asylum, and he kindly gave me the history behind ChillCon.

“ChillCon was first conceived in 2015 by Sean ‘Spud’ Tate. Spud is a partner in the online hobby retailer Asylum Wargaming, and he also broadcasts regularly on his YouTube channels Chilling Wargamers and The Wargamer Viking. Whilst broadcasting on Chilling Wargamers, Spud made a joke about organising an wargames show called ChillCon.

In 2016 Spud’s partner at Asylum Wargaming, Steve Oakes, decided to run with the idea. Sheffield’s previous wargames show, Triples, had gone bust some years ago, and with no show to replace it, Steve recognised a gap in the calendar which ChillCon could fill.”

My Experience

I had a great time at ChillCon ’17, the convention was located at Ecclesfield School which is just down the road from my house. Ticket’s were £5 each which is a great bargain when you factor in the freebies, and exposure to the trader discounts.

The convention itself took place in two main halls within the school complex, the first is like an assembly hall, where as the second was more of a sports hall. One minor negative was that the sports hall room had some terribly yellow lighting which they really ought to get sorted for next time.

We arrived quite early so these pictures don’t make it look busy. It was definitely busy by time we left.

The Assembly hall

The Assembly hall – mainly used for demo games and tournaments

The Sports hall.. or as it shall forever be known

The Sports hall.. or as it should forever be known the “Yellow Room” was packed full of traders

We spent most of our time in the Sports hall going around the traders where I picked up a few items at nice discount and I took a few snaps of the various goings on. Apologies for the yellow tint!

I was really impressed with LCA‘s stuff, and I’m going to get John to paint up this walkway set in the style of our existing GW terrain. Look out for a ‘Wot I Think’ of this in due course.

LCA Lasercut Architecture

LCA (Lasercut Architect) did some nice Necromunda/SWA Terrain

We hung around the Crooked Dice stand admiring their range of miniatures. I particularly enjoyed their Ghostbusters style range!

Crooked dice do some cool pop culture minis

Crooked Dice do some cool pop culture minis

Crooked Dice - Ghostbusters minis

Who you gonna call?

White Dragon Miniatures almost had me sold on picking up a Shattered Void set, the only thing stopping me was the lack of people I know who play it. It’s definitely one to watch though as the miniatures are amazing.

White Dragon Miniatures - Shattered Void

White Dragon Miniatures – Shattered Void miniatures look really ace and could well be a future system for me

Shattered Void minis are beautiful

Shattered Void minis are beautiful

Shattered Void Mechs


The MDF on offer by Dark Ops was something else! I’ve been watching Beasts of War loads lately and they’ve just made a lovely Pirate board. I couldn’t help but feel like they were missing out here!

Dark Ops MDF Boats

Dark Ops did some amazing boats, couldn’t help but think that Warren from Beasts of War would like this

On the way out I thought I’d splash out with a new Badger Patriot 105 from Barwell Airbrush Supplies. Took advantage of the nice convention prices!

Barwell Airbrush Supplies

Barwell Airbrush Supplies and Chris, looking unimpressed with my sneaky photo

So there we have it. ChillCon ’17 was cool, looking forward to next year’s!


ChillCon 2017

ChillCon 2017

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