Age of Sigmar Skirmish – Wot I thunk!

“I’ve just had this thunk, its a big chunk of thinking, a “thunk””…Bob from dinopaws

So this is a follow up article to the previous on the AoS skirmish game. Jimmi and Myself had a quick game of it last week, pitting the forces of Death against the might of the Stormcast externals. We played the fog of war battle plan from the main rule book. In this game our forces are distributed randomly across the battle field and line of sight is limited.

The problems

In truth we struggled to get into the game, a combination of being tired and the general election as a distraction probably didnt help matters. We found that we ended up with grinding close combats of attrition; simply rolling dice untill one side won. “Is that not the case with most games” i hear you cry, well maybe but before this we had played some shadow wars and had a really great engrossing game. So why was this different?

Well firstly as alluded to there were distractions. Its also a new system and while the games rules are quick its a different system to what we’re used to. There are a number of special rules for each unit which build layers of complexity but a lot of these we didn’t know off the top of our heads. Both our forces where fairly limited to close combat with only limited shooting options. Finally the battle plan we chose had no real objectives other then to pile into combat and try to smash your opponent.

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