How to Mix Up the Mojo and Reignite a Staled Hobby Passion

Ironically Jimmi pointed out the other day that this post has been sat in the draft section for several months. From time to time we all loose the burning hobby fire and that’s OK but here are a few thoughts on how to get it going again….

1. Don’t. If i could go back in time i would tell my parents this when they were trying to make me join the football team. You cant force anyone to enjoy something so don’t try. This wonderful hobby is exactly that a hobby, a pastime. If you’re not enjoying it stop, don’t force it. A break will often leave you reinvigorated and keen to get started again.

Relax, don’t chase the mojo it I’ll come back if you let it (Ed – Is this impotency advice John?!)

2. Try something different. This doesn’t necessarily mean taking up throat singing. The hobby is hugely varied. If you’re more of a painter then a gamer, why not try entering a tournament. Only play sci-fi? Try fantasy. Focused solely on mass battles? Try a skirmish game. There are loads of options and the experience you take from trying something different is almost certainly transferable to your original love.

Tired of painting space marines? Paint a steam punk cowboy instead, like wild bill from Wild West Exodus

3. Retail therapy…just not too much. There is nothing quite like the thought of spending some cash to get the hobby pulse beating, and this could always be a chance to try something different. So if you’re sick and tired of painting ranks of cavalry why not go out and pick up an individual character mini from a sci if range and see where that takes you. The proviso here is moderation, nothing saps the enthusiasm quite like a mountain of grey sprues.

Mountains of plastic bad…mountains of Italy, good!

4. Connect. One of the great things about this hobby is the social aspect. Start writing a blog about something that interests you, create a Facebook page or start posting pics of your models or things that inspire you. The feedback can be really motivating. The other side of this is that in doing your blog etc you end up seeing what other people are doing and will quickly pick up new ideas.

Everyone likes to socialise in some form…just ask these hippos

5. Look after yourself. While I certainly don’t like over medicalising things (Ed – Ha!), sometimes a lack of joy in what had previously made you happy can be a sign that all is not good in your life. Anhedonia as it is called is also a symptom of depression. That doesn’t mean you need to start taking happy pills but just consider reflecting on how your feeling in general. If major events are unfolding in your life it’s not surprising that the hobby has become a chore, but sometimes there is no identifiable reason for how your feeling. Either way take some time to focus on yourself and consider raising the issue openly with friends or family.

Random wwx mini…just because

Thanks for reading and if you have any thoughts on how to return to full hobby focus let us know below.



5 thoughts on “How to Mix Up the Mojo and Reignite a Staled Hobby Passion

  1. I think 1 and 2 have worked the best for me. Though I don’t tend to stick with one hobby for too long, as there is just too much out there in life. I do constantly return to favorite hobbies though. Usually it’s because some new product came along that gets me interested once again or maybe a friend that inspires me.

    Wow, this is the second post in my blogosphere highlighting the WWX minis. They look really gooooooooooood!


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