KoW Tale of Painters – The state of play for the Goblin forces

Howdy folks,

Just thought I’d drop in with an update on how my Goblin army is coming along. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get a couple of units done. Some Trolls, some Squigs (Mawbeasts), and one of my Biggits.

I also bought a cheap lightbox from ebay the other day so I wanted an excuse to take some test photos. It’s like 5am in the morning at the moment and anxiety woke me up so apologies if the shots aren’t quite up to pro standards yet 😉

Kings of War Goblin regiment

You’ve seen this group before, they were my first unit. I’ve since decided I went a little too heavy on the mud.

Kings of War Goblin regiment

This was my second unit that again you’ve already seen. Much lighter on the mud this time and happier for it.

Kings of War Troll troop

My unit of trolls, I missed a mold line down that guys face unfortunately, but I’m happy with how the rocks they were holding came out to match the ones on the bases.

Kings of War Mawbeast troop

I love squigs, they just paint themselves. I’m going to paint up some snotlings that I have kicking about, blue like smurfs, and have them herding the Squigs about.

Kings of War Biggit

Here’s one of my biggits, nice and easy scheme as per all my KoW models.

Once I’ve got my entire army up to this standard I’m going to revisit them for highlights and weathering, but since my deadline is mid August for a tournament down at the Outpost, tabletop is all I’m going for initially.

Next on my table is a Goblin War Trombone which is nearly done, and after that my green horde arrived from my FLGS so I’ll have 100 more goblins to paint. I might experiment with painting on the sprue to speed that process up.

Anyway, until next time… Oh and if you have any lightbox tips, let me know!


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