How To Play “Vampire” the Party Game

Hi Guys,

This is an unusual post, I didn’t create this game, it’s a popular party game that I’ve written up primarily for my own reference since I’m going away with friends soon and may get some games in. Consequently I wanted to write it up so I have access to it without needing a physical copy on hand!

For the uninformed: Vampire is a party game, you might already know it as Werewolf, or Mafia whereupon the dynamics of the game remain the same, but the packaging changes.

Vampire the Party Game

“It wasn’t me”


A game for 6+ players where the objective depends on your role:
– Villagers must to try to stake all the Vampires in the heart
– Vampires must try to kill enough Villagers to outnumber them

Props Required

Tokens, Cards, or just slips of paper. One each for every player. These should identify the beholden player with their role.

Key Rules for New Players

  1. Your role will be identified in secret at the start of the game, you may never show anyone your identifying token/card/slip of paper
  2. You must never open your eyes unless instructed to do so
  3. Follow the instructions of the narrator
  4. If you are “dead” either through Staking or Vampire attack you become a passive observer only. No communication allowed.
  5. The Narrator cannot offer advice or give away their privileged knowledge


The game has three phases; Morning, Evening, and Night. The game flows through them in this order at the discretion of the Narrator. The game begins in the Evening.

Roles & Duties

Narrator – Narrates and prompts the events to the players. Moves the game along if necessary
Vampires – Have power to kill any player at Night
Villagers Basic – Try to figure out who the Vampires are and elect to stake one in the Morning
Villager Priest – Can protect any player from attack at Night
Villager Oracle – Can identify if someone is a Vampire or not at Night

The ratio of Villagers:Vampires should be as close to 2:1 as possible

Evening Narration & Activities

Everybody closes their eyes and goes to sleep

  • All players follow the instructions of the narrator (The narrator themselves are the exception)

Night Narration & Activities

1) “The Vampires open their eyes and silently agree upon a victim… then close their eyes again
2) “The Priest opens their eyes and silently induces a religious protection on any player… then closes their eyes again
3) “The Oracle opens their eyes and silently identifies one player…. then closes their eyes again

  • All players follow the instructions of the narrator

Morning Narration & Activities

All players may open their eyes. The Vampires attacked last night…
Option A) “..And [Player] was killed
Option B) “..But the Priest was able to ward the Vampires away from their intended victim

  • Barring the narrator, all players discuss the activities of last night and ultimately vote/agree over who they want to stake in the heart. Players may tell the truth or lie about their identity at their own discretion. This is the key part of the game that prompts the most fun.
  • You may not attempt to confirm your story by showing anyone your identifying token/card/slip of paper


  • Being the Narrator is a position of responsibility that should be reserved for experienced players only. It is a fun position from which to observe your friends, but you must endeavor not to influence the actions of the other players.
  • The Narrator should not let the Morning discussion go on too long, prompting a ‘show of hands’ style vote if necessary.
  • The Priest or Oracle may want to consider carefully before revealing themselves during the Morning discussion, as the information could condemn them to attacks from the Vampires.
  • If you are prompted to open your eyes at night, try to perform your duties as stealthily as possible to fool the senses of other players.
  • If you find yourself accused during the Morning’s discussion, feel free to lie and misdirect like a scummy dog.
  • Be aware of other player’s body language as well as their words. Try to assess if they are lying.
  • Be careful who you trust.

If anyone gives this a go, let me know how you get on. If you think I’ve missed any rules, or have questions, please let me know below the line.



1 thought on “How To Play “Vampire” the Party Game

  1. I have played this with staff at summer camp and with students in our middle school and it is a massive hit. Everyone wants to play again and again. It is a really intense game and really, really fun. You give great instructions!


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