Wot I Think – Artis Opus brushes

So a while ago I backed the artis opus Kickstarter to bring their new brushes into production. As with most Kickstarters I have backed over the last few months I had completely forgotten about them. Then last week out of the blue they turned up so thought thought I’d let you know wot I think of them.

In short these are some of the best brushes I have ever used. They are presented in a nice case and the quality of the production lets you know that these are something special.


In the set you get 4 brushes ranging from size 1 through to 000. Each brush is true kolinsky sable and they all have nicely formed points.

In use the quality shines through, they feel quite light but are nicely balanced. They hold paint nicely but also shed it easily onto the mini with plenty of control. The combination of the nicely formed tip and the snap of the hair makes them feel like you are painting more with a pencil then a brush!


Nie tips!

The box also includes a small jar of cleaning and conditioning soap. To test them out I used them to paint this Scicarian rust stalker for my Kill team unit.


I think for me the fine control really helped with painting the sharp highlights needed when painting black.

The last few weeks I’ve all been painting some of my Kings of War ogre army so here is a sneak preview of my next post.


So anyway if your looking for a new set of brushes you should check this set from Artis Opus out. If you’ve also tried the brushes then let us know below.

Thanks for reading


4 thoughts on “Wot I Think – Artis Opus brushes

  1. Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago. First set of really good quality brushes I have bought and wow what a difference I’m noticing. I guess the old saying is true you get what you pay for and although not overly expensive by some standards these are without doubt the best set of brushes I have ever owned.


  2. Very nice looking case and brushes. How would you say these compare to a Winsor & Newton Series 7? That’s currently my goto brush. Part of it is just how well it retains the point, but like you mentioned flow of the paint is really important too. Synthetics don’t have quite the same feel as a really nice brush.


    • Well I have to say I’ve been disappointed by Windsor and newton but I think I may have just been unlucky as others rave about them. My other go to brushes are broken toad brushes which are excellent have so far lasted my over a year. Time will tell if these are as good but they’re certainly off to a good start!

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