How to make dungeon tiles for D&D, Dungeon Saga, and Dungeons of Orkney – Part 4) Painting the Tiles

Hi Everyone,

So far if you’ve followed the steps in tutorials 1 – 3 you will have gone through sculpting a master, using this to make a mold from insta-mold, then casting a bunch of tiles.

Hopefully, the fruits of your labour should be looking like this:



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How to make dungeon tiles for D&D, Dungeon Saga, and Dungeons of Orkney – Part 3) Casting your first Tile

Hi Everyone

Today’s post is a continuation of of my “How to make Dungeon Tiles” series. For part one in this series. explaining how to make your master, please follow the link above. For the second post explaining how to make the mold, please click here!

So, up to now you’ve gotten as far as having your mold. Then you’ve been patiently waiting for me to pull my finger out (I know I’m sorry!)… well, it’s out and we’re on!

Hopefully you’ve got those laser cut MDF tiles that I spoke about in the first post, because we’re going to be using them here.

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How to make dungeon tiles for D&D, Dungeons of Orkney and Dungeon Saga – Part 1) The Master

Hi all,

As you know, I’ve got an ongoing project on whereby I’m making my own dungeon crawler game. Aside from rules, I’m also manufacturing as much of my own physical materials as possible.

One of the things I started with was the humble dungeon tile. It was really important to me that the tiles were both functional and looked realistic. To that end they needed to be large and flat enough to accommodate a standard 25mm square base, but they also needed to be textured and coloured in such a way to really capture that centuries old subterranean architecture feel 🙂

Dungeon Tiles

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Dungeons of Orkney – Opening Fluff

This is what I’m hoping will be my opening fluff for the game. Page one of the rule book kind of material.


Da Tellin’ – As told by Big Shaman Gha’zak “Stompy Feet”

Nah listen up you’ze lot. ‘Undreds o’ cycles ago, a species known as ‘Oomans was da dominant players on Orkney. It’s said dat dey ‘ad conquered da land and da sea, and dat dere cities even challenged da glory of da Gods. Da ‘Oomans wasn’t big n tough like an Orc, but dey were wry and chock full o more cunning dan a bag of Goblins wiv gearsticks.

Dese folk managed to exist in peace wiv us Orcs for many a cycle until dey discovered da Magika. It began wiv expansion, it always does – new ideas need more room see? An’ when da Orcs refused to give up lands and sacred sites dat had been guarded for generations, da ‘Oomans got twisted out o shape.

We’ze would ‘ear tales back from us scouts, reportin’ whole villages massacred, da bodies o’ Orcs n Goblins strewn about da place, our most sacred lands desecrated…

Well, I’ze don’t need to tell you’ze dat an Orc is not shy of a scrap. All da tribes united under one banner and waged all out war on da ’Oomans.

Dis was not an easy fight, da ‘Oomans had powerful machines made of iron and timba, and burnin’ magika than could level an entire forest o’ oaks. We’ze ‘ad to employ sneaky gorillas tactica usin’ small groups of shock troops and the elemunt o’ suprise.

You know what an Orc sez when ee’s bein’ suprizin? Nah, you wouldn’t. No onez lived to tell da tale ya see?

Anywayz, after a long and damaging war, we’ze finally managed break da back o’ the ‘Ooman forces and after deliberatin’, we swept over dere great cities too, killin’ all dat we found. Da ‘Oomans couldn’t be trusted, an’ we couldn’t allow dem to get powerful again.

When it were all over, as is our way, we collected up da corpses of da most worvy foes an’ we laid dem to rest in a great series o’ dungeons and catacombs. Den for good measure, we’ze set guards at the gates to stop anyone tresspassin’.

Do you know why we’ze did dat? I’ll tell you’ze. Orcs respect a fight see? An’ a good fighter should always be respected regardless o’ iz crimes…


What do you think? Creative writing is really not my area of expertise, so any helpful comments or suggestions below the line would be appreciated 🙂

New Project – Dungeons of Orkney

Ok, so this is not technically brand shiny new. I’ve been working on this for about a month or so – but that was before I had this blog so technically I can get away with calling it new, see?

I’ve been inspired my Mantic’s new game they’re bringing out – Dungeon Saga – to make my own dungeon crawler game. I mean, it started out as me just making some dungeon tiles and such for it, but then I kind of figured that historically I’ve always had a bit of an issue with the child like shallowness of Mantic’s previous games (I’m looking at you Deadzone!!) so I thought that I’d have a stab at making my own, just as insurance in case Dungeon Saga is crap* 🙂

So I’m going to start posting some design decisions up, and a few pictures of the terrain, Tokens, and models I’ve been putting together. Hopefully you’ll be able to follow my progress as we go along, but first I’ve got to catch you up a bit right?

Here’s a shot of some of the prototype pieces I’ve got so far. I didn’t sculpt the models, but I made the tiles and door from scratch, and did all my own painting.

On the left we’ve got a spear trap (I’m thinking of turning this into more of a token than an actual tile), then from the left we’ve got my Ork Warrior, then a Skeleton, then a Bone Token, and a statue behind. Behind everything we’ve got a door 🙂

I think I’ll talk a bit about the Ork warrior, then that’ll do for this post.

His name is “Gorgo the Obliterator” and if you ever played an online MMORPG then he’s what you’d describe as a tank.

In the game, his role will be to attract the attention of the enemy and take all the hits to protect the much more fragile shaman and thief characters.

That doesn’t mean he can’t deal out damage though, he’s quite proficient at battle as is fitting for an Ork of his stature, and his limit breaks (think Final Fantasy 7) are pretty devastating. He can also equip the heaviest armour and weapons which helps him to shrug of the massive amount of damage that’s going to be chucked in his direction.

Fluff wise, he’s the son of a village chief assigned to protect the shaman on his pilgrimage to the local catacombs. I’m still fleshing this fluff out but I’ll chuck up another post in a minute which contains what I’m imagining as my rule book’s opening fluff. Hopefully that should set the scene for you a bit better.

Comments and questions below would be appreciated, I’d hate to think no one was watching 🙂

*Love you really Jake