Wot I Think – Laser Cut Architect Iron Gulch MDF Terrain

Hi all guest appearance here – I’m Chris!

Recently I have got my grubby hands on some 10mm MDF Terrain from Laser Cut Architect. I have been trying to find some decent 10mm terrain for ages for Spartan Games Firestorm: Planetfall in the dastardly hopes that a nice looking table to play on will sway Jimmi and John to stick with it. Most of the kits on the interwebs are of large skyscrapers and wot not, mostly I suspect to support Dropzone Commander. I wanted to move away from a city scene to a more outback environment, so I was very happy to stumble upon Laser Cut Architect from a post on Facebook. LCA are a relatively new company based in Chesterfield, UK which is conveniently close to where I live and they have made MDF terrain for many settings which now also includes Shadow War Armageddon but more importantly for me, a good range of 10mm non-city buildings.

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Firestorm Planetfall – Dindrenzi Paint Job

Hi Everyone, it’s me, and I’m back again!

My mate Chris got me into Firestorm Planetfall, and being a serial converter, I just couldn’t have a bog standard army – I decided that I’d have to re-base all my models on clear acrylic.

Additionally I had to have a pretty cool paint scheme, after a lot of thought and running it by my friends, I came up with a off white and dirty yellow scheme, with blue lasers. I took heavy inspiration from the Mass Effect spaceship Normandy

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My Introduction to Firestorm Planetfall

Hi All,

It’s finally happened. I’ve been bullied and cajoled into taking up Spartan Games’ Firestorm Planetfall. This isn’t technically my first array in to this system, Chris “Small Coffee” Blackburn lent me a core helix of Directorate (which I then duly painted up for him) in the hopes that it would spark off a new love, and unfortunately it didn’t work at the time.

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