Frostgrave Homebrew Series – Weather

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed the black powder weapons rules I posted the other day. I’ve sure enjoyed reading your comments and feedback here and on Facebook.

So I’ve teased you enough, “Small Coffee” Blackburn and I think it’s time you had access to our Frostgrave weather rules. These rules are available to all members of the Order of the Sword and Dice so make sure you check that out if you’ve not already 🙂

Bloody Cold

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Frostgrave Homebrew Series – Black Powder Weapons

Hi Everyone,

My friend Chris “Small Coffee” Blackburn and I have been developing a number of home brew rules expansions for Frostgrave. I asked him if he minded me posting our progress up on my blog, and he gave me the green light – so here we go.

First up we’ll be looking at rules for black powder (that’s just a fantasy way of saying gun powder) weapons and how to bring them to the game…



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How to Texture a Gaming Board

Hi all,

Sorry it’s been a while – work – you know how it is 🙂

Those of you who have been following my blog will know that I did a post a while back considering how to base the table. I didn’t know whether to try and put down some paving across the entire board, or if I should just texture the board and call it bare earth.

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