How to Texture a Gaming Board

Hi all,

Sorry it’s been a while – work – you know how it is 🙂

Those of you who have been following my blog will know that I did a post a while back considering how to base the table. I didn’t know whether to try and put down some paving across the entire board, or if I should just texture the board and call it bare earth.

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Frostgrave table update – kerbing the cobblestones

Hi everyone,

Sorry the volume of posts has dropped a bit – my month long holiday from work ended and I had to return to the office. Sad times I know!

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy in the evenings though, taking the advice of Somet and Steinbergshedspace I decided to kerb the cobblestone streets with 6mm square dowel I picked up from BnQ.

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Progress to the Frostgrave table surface & work started on a ruined building

Hi Everyone,

This morning I spent time laying some more cobblestone flooring on my Frostgrave table base. I’ve managed to get 2 of the 4 modular tiles fully laid with cobblestones (unfortunately the big one with the market square is still to come).

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(Nearly) Finishing that first Frostgrave house

Hi all, I’ve been on my holidays so sorry for the week long delay between posts.

I’ve been back a couple of days and I’ve made lots of progress on that first Frostgrave house I was building. This involved rendering (wood filler) the house, chopping it in two so you can see inside, and painting the outside and inside, and applying final details.

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How to Cast Hirst Arts Molds

I’ve decided to start building a Frostgrave gaming table. I’m thinking 3′ x 3′ and modular. Style wise I want it to look quite like Mordheim, that is lots of semi ruined medieval style multi level dwellings It’ll also be densely packed with narrow streets and corridors. Because it’s Frostgrave, it’ll obviously be winter themed, and contain a few set pieces like a wizards tower and a grave yard with crypt too.

That’s a lot to be getting on with, so for the sake of cost and fun I’ll be scratch building as much of this as I can. Now I’ve never really scratch built anything of note before so don’t go expecting a museum piece, but hopefully I’ll be able to produce something special.

So, lets begin: This afternoon my Hirst Arts cobblestone floor mould arrived, so I made myself little trip down to The Range (Thats like a cheap hobby/DIY/Homeware store in the UK) and bought some plaster of paris.

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