Homebrew – Big Beasties of the Underhive

“Spasms of pain reverberated up and down his spine and jolted his consciousness back into being. Memories flooded into view drowning him in images. There had been an explosion, a bright white ball of light and pressure that had blown him off his feet and into the sprawling wreckage of the promethium factory.

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Wot I Think – CHILLCON ’17

Howdy all,

I’ve just returned from ChillCon ’17, check out my loot!

ChillCon '17 Loot

ChillCon ’17 Loot – Freebies include the SLA mini, Walking Dead mini, and ChillCon Viking mini

This is gonna be a bit of a Wot I think, but not in the traditional sense, more a place for me to talk about my experience and share my photos.

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How to Paint Lightning Effects on Power Swords

So I’ve mentioned before I’ve started an Admech army for Warhammer 40K. Choosing this army for my main force was easy. The minis are first rate and rich background of engineers at the pinnacle of human endeavor cast back to superstitious religious zealots has really grabbed me. The difficult part was working out how to paint them.

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The Hobby Corner 

So Jimmi has very kindly invited me to do a few posts on things related to this amazing hobby. First an introduction of sorts, my name is John, but I tend to go by the name Randalthor on most hobby sites after falling in love with the world Robert Jordan created in his Wheel of Time series.

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Firestorm Planetfall – Dindrenzi Paint Job

Hi Everyone, it’s me, and I’m back again!

My mate Chris got me into Firestorm Planetfall, and being a serial converter, I just couldn’t have a bog standard army – I decided that I’d have to re-base all my models on clear acrylic.

Additionally I had to have a pretty cool paint scheme, after a lot of thought and running it by my friends, I came up with a off white and dirty yellow scheme, with blue lasers. I took heavy inspiration from the Mass Effect spaceship Normandy

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