Homebrew – Big Beasties of the Underhive

“Spasms of pain reverberated up and down his spine and jolted his consciousness back into being. Memories flooded into view drowning him in images. There had been an explosion, a bright white ball of light and pressure that had blown him off his feet and into the sprawling wreckage of the promethium factory.

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Wot I Think – CHILLCON ’17

Howdy all,

I’ve just returned from ChillCon ’17, check out my loot!

ChillCon '17 Loot

ChillCon ’17 Loot – Freebies include the SLA mini, Walking Dead mini, and ChillCon Viking mini

This is gonna be a bit of a Wot I think, but not in the traditional sense, more a place for me to talk about my experience and share my photos.

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How to make a Simple Two Part Mold

Hi Folks,

Jimmi here, hope everyone’s A-OK! Today I’m going to show you how to make a simple two part mold. You’d use this to cast complete 3D objects, such as a gun. This obviously makes this far more useful than the single part mold technique, which limits you to just casting one side of an object.

That said, make sure that you’re up to speed with casting a single part mold before you begin, my tutorial last week takes you over the details so I strongly recommend that you start there and go over the basics (such as the materials, and making a Lego box etc) before you read on. Go on, I can wait whilst you read that first and then come back!

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How to Make Wires & Spider Cultist!

So I had planned to have a look at painting terrain from the shadow wars box set. However I became distracted after seeing other people convert this characterful piece. My idea was to raid my bits box and convert it into a wandering monster (Spider Cultist – Ed.) for some more narrative scenarios. So this creature was born…

Spider Cultist

Spider Cultist


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