How to Texture a Gaming Board

Hi all,

Sorry it’s been a while – work – you know how it is 🙂

Those of you who have been following my blog will know that I did a post a while back considering how to base the table. I didn’t know whether to try and put down some paving across the entire board, or if I should just texture the board and call it bare earth.

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Frostgrave table update – kerbing the cobblestones

Hi everyone,

Sorry the volume of posts has dropped a bit – my month long holiday from work ended and I had to return to the office. Sad times I know!

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy in the evenings though, taking the advice of Somet and Steinbergshedspace I decided to kerb the cobblestone streets with 6mm square dowel I picked up from BnQ.

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Progress to the Frostgrave table surface & work started on a ruined building

Hi Everyone,

This morning I spent time laying some more cobblestone flooring on my Frostgrave table base. I’ve managed to get 2 of the 4 modular tiles fully laid with cobblestones (unfortunately the big one with the market square is still to come).

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