Age of Sigmar Skirmish – Wot I thunk!

“I’ve just had this thunk, its a big chunk of thinking, a “thunk””…Bob from dinopaws

So this is a follow up article to the previous on the AoS skirmish game. Jimmi and Myself had a quick game of it last week, pitting the forces of Death against the might of the Stormcast externals. We played the fog of war battle plan from the main rule book. In this game our forces are distributed randomly across the battle field and line of sight is limited.

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Wot I Think – Laser Cut Architect Iron Gulch MDF Terrain

Hi all guest appearance here – I’m Chris!

Recently I have got my grubby hands on some 10mm MDF Terrain from Laser Cut Architect. I have been trying to find some decent 10mm terrain for ages for Spartan Games Firestorm: Planetfall in the dastardly hopes that a nice looking table to play on will sway Jimmi and John to stick with it. Most of the kits on the interwebs are of large skyscrapers and wot not, mostly I suspect to support Dropzone Commander. I wanted to move away from a city scene to a more outback environment, so I was very happy to stumble upon Laser Cut Architect from a post on Facebook. LCA are a relatively new company based in Chesterfield, UK which is conveniently close to where I live and they have made MDF terrain for many settings which now also includes Shadow War Armageddon but more importantly for me, a good range of 10mm non-city buildings.

Laser Cut Architect

Laser Cut Architect terrain all painted up

After a little look at the range, which isn’t huge so it was only a short look, I decided on picking up the reasonably priced Iron Gulch Bundle Kit (£27 for 6 Buildings, it is 2 copies of the starter kit with a saving of £3) and an Iron Gultch Diner. (£10 for the diner). I managed to dodge postage charges because L.C.A. have a collection option and as Chesterfield is pretty close I took up the offer. As luck would have it the supplier got in touch to say he would be at Chillcon and could pick it up there, Bingo!

The Iron Gulch set has a cool out of big city’s vibe to it which I really like and is going to fit right in as an backwater town in my “Out in the wastleland” collection of terrain I’m building. The buildings are all nicely tied together aesthetically and it reminds me a lot of a metal “Mos Eisley” buildings or future desert dwellings, square with flat roofs which for me is perfect. The diner is a great quirky additional building that I love and works well to breakup all the buildings. Out of the purchases I made I can make 7 separate buildings. I am going to base all of mine to stop them being easily moved during gaming and plan on have 6 separate bases about 6” x 6” each. As well as the buildings you get loads of added bits to dress the buildings with just take a look at the picture below to see the half the contents of the bundle.

Laser Cut Architect

The full set I bought

I am really pleased with how the diner has come out and I am looking forward to painting it up, which for me is a big deal as I bore easily. I have had the Starter kit pieces out and hope to most of it built for an upcoming game of Planetfall this week.

Construction was very easy and the diner set had an A5 sheet of instructions (the starter kit has instructions for the fan module, but lacks them for the buildings) but as most of the parts can be matched up with the part it joins to its not hard without instructions, then it’s just a case of gluing them in place. I was recommended by the supplier to use Gorilla Glue but a word of caution this glue expands to form a hard foam which did push apart the joins as you can probably see in the photos, it was probably because I used too much glue. I resorted to superglue in the end which works fine you just have to be quick as it bonds the MDF quickly.

An added bonus is that the designer has Planetfall in mind and so the scale looks great when against the Spartans light infantry models, although I do sometimes think the windows seem quite large. I had a look at the scale comparison with my Terran MBT and I think the scale is off on the tank rather than the Terrain as you can see the Tank is quite small compared with the Terran APC.

Laser Cut Architect and Planetfall scale comparison

Laser Cut Architect and Planetfall scale comparison

I did hit a snag with one building in the starter kit where the roof doesn’t fit for one of the buildings because it’s too small. I am pleased to say that with no hassle and a quick email later and the replacement parts are on their way.

Overall the range is great if you are after a non-skyscraper set for I think a very reasonable price. This will defiantly get you started – I am going to end up with

Laser Cut Architect and Planetfall scale comparison

12” x 18” worth of terrain to fill my board with. Darrell, the guy who makes them is couldn’t be more helpful and it’s a real bonus that he is a Planetfall player so that scales fit. I hope to get hold of the defense line sets he does as well to use on the same board and take a look at some of the new stuff he is designing like a gate for the defense line. Only slight negatives are the lack of instructions for the starter set, but that’s nit picking as most modelers will easily work it out in no time.

Even if you’re not a 10mm gamer he has reproduced most of the items in the Iron Gulch range in 15mm and 28mm, although he says customers have used the 10mm defense lines for 28mm. So go take a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading, for more wordage, check out this review of the Vallejo Mega Paint Set

I’ve been Chris, and I Woz ‘Ere too.

Wot I Think – Vallejo Game Colour Mega Paint Set

Hi Folks,

A couple of months ago I was feeling pretty flush for cash so I treated myself to a paint set from Vallejo. It didn’t hurt that the set was on offer at Element Games with a whopping £40 off (I’m not being paid by them for this by the way, just reporting the situation as it was, and still is as of time of writing!)

A few days later my set arrived, and now that I’ve had time to get lots of use from it, I’m ready to tell you Wot I Think.

Vallejo Game Colour Mega Paint Set

Vallejo Game Colour Mega Paint Set

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How To Paint Pustules and Boils

Lovely title here to discuss a quick way of painting the featuring boils that adorne our models. It’s moments like this you begin to realise how bizarrely fantastic our hobby can be at times. Anyway on with the show and as always when looking at how best to paint something the easiest way is to observe how it looks in reality. Now you may have your own fine collection of scabby blisters or have child covered in the pox from which to draw inspiration but otherwise it may on reflection be a bit tricky to follow this rule in this situation. People tend to get quite upset if you stare at their scabby bits and i wouldnt advise you taking a stroll through your local infectious diseases ward. However inspiration is but a quick google search away and use of online resources like the wonderful DermnetNZ can provide for all your colourful pox picture needs (please don’t use to self diagnose or if of a hypercondriachal disposition!)  (lol Ed).

Your classic spot or pustule will have a central yellow or white area with a surrounding area of inflamed swollen and red skin. To replicate this on your minis I tend to start by painting a thin wash over the spot with Carroburg Crimson, it will naturally concentrate at the base of the spot which is what you want. Providing its thinned it wont leave a harsh transition with the underlying skin tone  but you may need a few coats to achieve a richly inflamed colour.

Next we want the central area of puss to shine through. This is done with a light glaze of Lamenters Yellow. Apply this to the top of the spot and allow the paint to run down slightly and naturally blend with the red rising up the side.

A glaze of yellow

A glaze of yellow

Now we have a central yellow area and our surrounding redness. However the glaze has left the top slightly dull and we need it look bright to give the illusion of the pressure under the surface. To do this add a bright yellow to the very top of the spot. This may be easier to do with the side of the brush swept in small circle.

A dot of yellow to highlight

A dot of yellow to highlight

Now spots come in all manner of shapes and sizes and you can vary the colours used or even add a bit of orange shading to the base and drip it down in a similar manner to the rust effect on the previous blog.


Mmmm tasty

Or you could add some varnish to create a shiny glistening cluster of vesicles or use some different colours to help contrast the variety of skin tones we see in the fantasy worlds.

And here is the pox encrusted final mini.

The finished boily product

The finished boily product

Thanks as always for reading and stay tuned for some more.