Kings of War – Tale of Painters – Jimmi & John

Kings of War header

Kings of War header

Howdy folks, John and I have decided to get into Kings of War by Mantic Games. We have a 2000pt tournament at the Outpost in August to get everything ready for from scratch, John’s gone with Ogres and I’ve plugged for Goblins.

To keep us motivated (aside from the impending deadline) we decided to do a bit of a Tale of Painters thing, basically, as we complete units we’ll post them up here (that’s completed, based units only mind) to spur each other on. On top of that we have to learn the rules and get a few test games in so we don’t totally embarrass oursleves on Tourney day!

Mantic Goblins from the Mantic Webstore

Mantic Goblins from the Mantic Webstore

It should be a fair competition to see who can finish first, whilst I have many more models, mine are significantly smaller. Plus John will no doubt put all mine to shame with his mad painting skillz, which takes time.


Mantic Ogres from the Mantic Shop

I should point out that neither of us is going for a pure Mantic army, there’s far too many lovely minis on the market to limit ourselves in such a fashion, so you’ll get to see as we go along which models we’ve picked.

OK, so that’s it. Wish us luck and leave us encouraging comments!


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