UK Games Expo

So a quick review here of the UK Games Expo (UKGE). Jimmi and I took a trip down from Sheffield to visit the NEC in Birmingham, home to the UKGE.

The place was packed out with stands and visitors in equal measure. Being methodical people we chose a corner and battled our way through. The expo began in 2007 and has become one of the largest conventions for the tabletop industry. It allows everyone from small niche miniature designers through to RPGs, Wargames and plenty of games for kids to showcase their latest stuff.

One of my favourite areas had to be Warcradle, a Wild West Exodus area. Jimmi will wearily attest to the fact that I go on about this game a lot, but after backing the original Kickstarter in 2012 it’s great to see it coming back. The miniatures really are first rate and they were showcasing some of the new posses for the future as well as the eagerly awaited revamp of dystopian wars.

Hex beasts for WWX

The place really was packed with great exhibits, we made it along to the Osprey stand to see the new Frostgrave release “Maze of Malcor” and to the Mantic stand which was surprisingly rather small but fortunately had the Kings of War rule book I’ve been meaning to pick up and some lovely Star Saga minis which I unfortunately forgot to snap.

Lovely painted Guild Ball minis

All in all a great day out and looking forward to a trip next year. Let us know if you’ve been and if so what were the highlights for you.



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