Wot I Think – Mad Cars bits for Gaslands Review

Howdy folks, it’s a lovely Sunday afternoon here so that means it’s an appropriate time to hit you up with another glorious “Wot I Think” review. For those that care about such details, I should inform you that this is a sponsored review, however I shall keep my opinion as brutally honest as you’ve come to expect.

This time, I’m putting Mad Cars under the microscope with their line of Gaslands compatible pieces designed to work on a 1:64 scale.

So lets take a look shall we?


I’m UK based, and Mad Cars are based in Poland. I hit Marcin up with an offer to review his Gaslands components just over a week or so ago, and they arrived within days. That’s speedy delivery in my book for products coming from the EU so I’m giving them an A* grade there.

The pieces themselves come in a neat little cardboard box, with packing to ensure that they’re well protected, so I haven’t had any issues with the fragile resins being damaged in transit.

The Service

Marcin has been quick to reply, with helpful answers to my questions. When I told him about a minor bug I encountered on his webstore he was quick to express his gratitude and get it fixed. Overall I’m really confident to give him my business in the future as he comes across as good guy, with a customer focussed attitude. So much so that I’ve since bought some little engines from him!

Mad Cars Gaslands Wot I Think Review

I have these on order!


The Sculpts

Marcin was kind enough to send me three sprues of 1:64 figures in a variety of poses. Some standing with guns, some standing with their arms held out to grip a mounted machine gun, some sat down holding steering wheels, and a nice collection of figures designed to lean out of the car windows to fire pistols. I was also sent a couple of terrain pieces representing stacks of tyres which you can use to provide drop terrain for your games of Gaslands.

Off the bat, as the photos will attest these models look stunning. I was really pleasantly suprised to see that even at the tiny scale, the detail is crisp and the sculpts are all characterful, with dynamic posing on the figures.

Mad Cars Gaslands Wot I Think

I spent about two minutes cleaning these guys up with a paintbrush and hobby blade. They look awesome!

I can’t wait to pass a few of these over to our resident painting monkey, John so that we can get his perspective on them in the second part of this review, and so that I can use those miniatures in my cars!

Mad Cars Gaslands Wot I Think

These guys are going to look so cool hanging out of the passenger windows!

The Cast quality

This picture is straight out of the box:

Mad Cars Gaslands Wot I Think

You can see some tiny bits of flash here, and faint mold lines which might need scraping away.

As you can see, there’s maybe some tiny bits of flash that I’ve since knocked away with a paintbrush. I’ve barely found any mold lines, and not a single air bubble on the detail side of the models which can sometimes occur as part of the casting process (I’m looking at you FineCast).

Mad Cars Gaslands Wot I Think

Clean and crisp straight out of the box. If only you could buy that many tyres separately for that price!

If I were to nit pick (and I really would be nit picking here) the larger tyre terrain piece looks like it’s mold was slightly over filled and it’s created a thin floor effect at the base of the tyres. I don’t consider this an issue though since it can either be removed with a bit of sanding, or simply painted to blend in with the surface of whatever game mat you’re playing on.

Mad Cars Gaslands Wot I Think

This mold looks like it was over filled a tiny bit

The Price Point

Most of the pieces are around 15$, which is about 13 Euros, or £11.50 based on current conversions. This is definitely not a budget product, but you are paying for the quality here.

If you really care about getting a sweet looking team together, then this is for you.

Wot I Think

These pieces are fantastic, and I only wish that Marcin did a larger range! (When I asked him about that, he said it was something that was in the pipeline, and depended upon how the existing product line sold – so get buying!).

I really can’t wait to pass these over to John so we can get his own “Wot I think” from a painting perspective, but I have a good feeling he’s going to be happy!

If you’ve enjoyed this review, and you want to help Marcin and Mad Cars out, please consider sharing this page on your social networks.

Of course, if you want to help him even more, head over to his shop (linked below) and place an order!


Drop me some comments with any questions you might have, and until next time,

Catch you later,


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